Speak your Mind

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As I write this update, Senator Ted Cruz from the great state of Texas has just ended his 21 plus hour marathon presentation on the floor of the Senate.  This occurs just a few months after Wendy Davis from that same great state performed the same act on the floor of the state house.  Both were fighting for what they believed in.  Why do people find that so hard to fathom these days?  Where is the true grit of leadership where you speak your mind and let the chips fall where they may?

I’ve written here about leadership – or lack there of – before.  The degrading of our society to the point that no one is willing to put their neck on the line to stand up for what they believe is right.  Everyone seems to live in this fear that their opinion won’t be that of the majority.  That they’ll be proven wrong.  This results in a tremendous vacuum that far too few are fighting to fill.

Where are the heroes of our generation?  Where are those who state their case, damn the consequences?  Your political stance doesn’t matter so much as the willingness to stand up for what you believe in.  Engage in healthy debate, try to win others to your side, lead and be followed, state your case, challenge yourself and others to be better – why are these such foreign concepts in today’s society.  Why is healthy disagreement now viewed as disrespect and bias?

To use an oft abused query – what about the children?  What example are we setting for them?