Russian Sanctions – Feed the People

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Today the European Union has earmarked $167 million to reimburse farmers for curbing yield and not harvesting vegetables intended for export to Russia.  This in direct response to the recent announcement  of sanctions against those involved in the ‘wrong’ side of the Ukraine situation.

Say what you will about the politics of the events.  That is not what I want to discuss.  What I want to discuss is how, with millions of people starving both in 3rd world and industrialized countries, why would reducing yields and rotting in the fields be the first course of action?  Couldn’t that $167,000,000 be used for distribution channels to get this food into the hands of the people who need it?

We, as food producers, first and foremost should feed people.  I can not believe the farmers feel good about not harvesting what they put so much work into.  Their prime concern, justifiably, is to get paid for their work.

I admit to not understanding this non-harvest tactic.  America does the same, either paying people not to farm land or subsidizing lower yields to control volume.  I understand the attempt to control demand to boost price but it seems the benefit in this instance would be worth the cost – which is going to be spent either way.

Something to consider……