Human Food versus Animal Feed

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A common question these days from animal feed manufacturers is whether the FSMA regulation, and FDA themselves, understand the difference between human food and animal feed. There is justifiable concern that regulations are intended to move the animal feed industry toward the requirements of human food and most believe this is unwarranted.
We as industry are in the unique position to help our regulators understand what will and won’t work in the industry. The edict is to ensure the safe manufacture of the feed and you, as the manufacturer, can best determine how that is to be done.
There is no question that better tracking and documentation can be implemented. This will help us prove our case that best practices in the industry are designed to ensure safe manufacture. Only by stating, and proving, our case, can we instill in regulatory officials our responsible methods.
JW Safety has teamed with Ranck & Associates to offer their clients guidance to meet the requirements set forth in FSMA. Ranck & Associates is a full service management consulting firm specializing in food and feed manufacturing. They can offer a full program for FSMA compliance including a complimentary GAP analysis, training for both PCQI and mill employees and program development and ongoing assessment. Please contact us to begin planning your 2017 implementation.