Health Alert for Raw Poultry

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FSIS Health Alert


In a fairly unprecedented move (during the government slowdown no less) FSIS has issued a health alert for raw poultry coming from several Foster Farms facilities in California.

Me, being no stranger to Salmonella, FSIS or chickens, find the whole thing a bit puzzling and I will be watching this closely.  First, there is, albeit reduced in recent years, a level of Salmonella on raw chicken that is allowable.  Some consumer advocacy groups disagree with this but, bottom line, is that it is the law.  Second, one of the driving reasons of scientists and industry advocacy groups is the fact that raw poultry is RAW.  People cook it prior to eating.  In the US, people actually tend to overcook it for the most part.

The news release linked above claims an estimated 278 persons have been sickened by consumption of some type of chicken from these establishments.  What are the odds that some 278 odd persons from various backgrounds and states would all undercook/cross contaminate their meals to the point to cause illness.

This is one to keep an eye on.