GMO Wheat – cutting to the chaff

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Just days after the global “March on Monsanto”, USDA-APHIS issued a press release stating that unapproved altered wheat was found growing in a field in Oregon.  While questions remain as to the why and how – reports vary on local farmers reporting, spot testing by the government and the like – the fallout is likely to be quick and fair reaching, at least in the short term.  Monsanto has done itself no favors since their initial release of Round Up Ready Soybeans and have suffered the wrath of many over the past decade.  Opinions vary widely as to the usefulness of GMO grains – fortified rice to bolster 3rd world diets is hard to argue negative but the foray into frost resistant strawberries using Salmon genes gave me the willies.  Broadcast use of pesticides and the as yet unknown implications of GMO spread, combined with the “hidden’ agenda most accuse have led to  fairly universal distrust in the idea.  As for the current environment, Japan has already announced a boycott of all American wheat due to the finding.  A rush to judgement for all combined with the fear that no one will ever stick with the subject long enough to figure out where it actually came from…..

This article depicts the against side very succinctly: