Enough Leaning Already!

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I am rereading Leaning In by Sheryl Sandberg to try to remember what I found so obvious and useless about the book the first time around.  I must admit that when Ms. Sandberg first started talking I listened with some interest.  A few years ago her speech about a ‘seat at the table’ was quite the You-Tube sensation and that was my introduction to her.

Here’s my problem – I don’t think I’ve been a victim of being a woman in a man’s world.  I’ve worked in agriculture my entire life – 4 jobs, 2 degrees, 4-H – all primarily male dominated.  I can’t think of one time I have been denied access or promotion because of my sex.  I’ve had to work hard to get what I have, most people do, and I think that has been good for me.

I’ve come by my leadership skills through a combination of doing what I believe was right and watching others do what I believed was wrong (vowing not to be “that person”).  I am of the camp that leadership is more of a natural phenomena than a learned behavior.  Leadership is not earned through position but rather by behavior.

Shortly after reading Lean In I came across the article Lean Out in Money Magazine.  Another extreme idea with some good points.  I’ll have to revisit that after I finish this.  We shall see how I feel the second time round.